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Relationship Reboot
Feel Connected. Feel Respected.
September 21st & 22nd, 2019 In Nashville Tennessee
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Become the Exceptional 20% Of Couples That Are ACTUALLY Thriving And Are Truly #RelationshipGoals 
The purpose of this event is simple.

Reboot your entire relationship in just 48 hours.

Gain a brand new relationship with the same person you already love, in just 48 hours.

We have both lead over 2500+ couples' sessions, and we are delivering the best of the best tools during this weekend experience. 

Much of what you'll learn is the antidote to not just being another relationship or divorce statistic. 

We've asked all of our couples, "What is the ONE thing that you you gained from our work together that changed EVERYTHING for your relationship?"

These golden answers we received are EXACTLY what we have prioritized in teaching you in this Reboot Weekend. 

Sept 21-22, 2019
The Lodge
Franklin, TN
Nashville 2019
Relax. Reconnect. Respect. Reboot.
Find Out How YOU Can Create A Loving And Respectful Relationship That Will Exceed Your Current Expectations!
From: Jourdan Virginia 
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Couples, 

Every day I watch relationships transform in front of my eyes. Whether it be in private weekly sessions or the all day breakthrough session, it is incredible and epic! 

So, I was thinking: Self, how do I make this better? 
How do I reach more people than who can just fit on my couch? 
How do I give men and women in relationships ALL the tools they need to have the relationship of their dreams?

This RelationshipReboot weekend was the answer.
Relationship Reboot 2019 Is Coming And I Want You There!
This is opportunity knocking at your door.

Two of the most specialized couples' therapists in Nashville will be together in one room to break down and discuss the best tools, strategies, and tactics for building the relationship of highest expectations.

You’ll be able to sit side by side with your partner and experience laughter, insights, vulnerability, love, respect, and the most massive BREAKTHROUGHS you can imagine.

It’s unlike anything you’ll experience all year!

This is your chance to give your relationship the REBOOT and vacation it has needed!

Your relationship deserves this (and let's be honest, probably has for a while). 

You'll experience this "date like" weekend with your love, and ALSO hear from other couples that have been EXACTLY where you are now and can talk about their journey to the other side -  Where they now feel fully loved, respected, and safe in their relationship.
RelationshipReboot Is Not A "Boring Workshop"
It's a getaway, relationship vacation, breakthrough weekend, teaching event, the ultimate date, the greatest toolbox builder, and a REBOOT for the love and romance...

RelationshipReboot is a experience...

We wanted to give couples an intimate weekend where we could do our deep-dive, forward teaching style, for TWO DAYS...

Frankly, it was apparent this HAD to happen...
• After saving hundreds of relationships and marriages
• Spending over 2500 hours in active couples' transformation work...
• Leading many All Day Breakthrough Sessions for couples, & deciding to reach more...
• Seeing the shifts in our own relationships with this life changing method...

We want you to understand that...

"You don't know what you don't know" 

There are so many patterns that feel impossible to change -- AND we believe we've learned the ultimate method to REBOOT your relationship and shift the trajectory of where it's been headed!
 If you've been going in circles, STOP! 

You don't know what you don't know, so come find out what you're missing so change can ACTUALLY happen!
My friend, there ARE PATTERNS (and KEY information/TIPS) that cause couples' success. 
Guess what really doesn't matter?
- if someone has had an affair...
- if you sleep in the same bed...
- how long you've been together...
- if you have kids...
- If you're a blended family...
- If this is a second or third marriage...
- if your sex life is suffering...
- if you've already talked about divorce...
- if only one of you feels willing...
- If you feel like you aren't compatible...
- if you've already read popular self-help books...
- if you've already searched for random internet blogs...


The entire aim of this event is for us to show the process we've used to create ultimate relationship shifts and breakthroughs, start to finish, in depth...

It's not what most are taught, what you'll read in the next random self-help book, or what advice your friends/family are giving...

These are tried and true "models" that thousands have now used to go from:
• Feeling alone and unlovable > Teammates and fully unconditionally loved...
• Inadequate and disrespected > Appreciated and understood...

Funny enough, what I'll show you will negate 80% of what most couples are doing... the 80% that are either ending in divorce, experiencing an affair, or just simply ending up in a "roommate" situation with no passion of active love feelings.

The fundamentally WRONG material running rampant in mainstream self-help books, passive couples' therapy, and the next random internet blog... It is NOT helping.

Where else are you going to find this one of a kind REBOOT opportunity?

No where!

I firmly believe you desire to learn this key information, patterns, and useful tools... 

We all crave a forever lasting best friend partnership... one without so much conflict...

There's two choices:
1) Learn these patterns & tools directly from us at the RelationshipReboot...
2) Attempt to find the answers on your own through painful trial and error that hurts your time, wallet, and ultimately your relationship...
Showing up to this event with your partner is the CHEAPEST and FASTEST way to your dream relationship...
I don't believe in shortcuts...

But you can certainly increase your speed on the path to a successful and connected relationship...

I’ll see you there in Franklin, TN this September!

It’s going to be mind-blowing!

Seriously... our commitment to you is:

"Get a new relationship with the person you already love"
Take A Look At Some Highlights You’re Going To Be Able To Experience ONLY At RelationshipReboot 2019!
Just a few of many things to expect:

• Learn what stage your relationship is in

• Learn what causes chemistry and why you always repeat certain actions in relationships

• Discover your unique cycle of conflict - AND how to get out of it!

• See popular movie clips showcasing your own conflict cycle and patterns

• Learn why one of you pursues and talks more and the other gets defensive and shuts down in conversations 

• Discover why you're either more anxious or more avoidant when it comes to vulnerable relationships --> and what your past has to do with it

• Learn how to ask for both space and distance in your relationship -- Finding the balance for both
Just a few of many things to expect: 

• Learn how to get your partner to ACTUALLY hear and understand what you're saying

• Discover the "story you tell yourself" and the "story your partner tells themselves" about the relationship --> learn how to rewrite that story and get rid of the self sabotage and confirmation bias!

• Learning how to be your TRUE self (without needing to use distractions or repress valid emotions)

• Finding the balance between independence and dependence with your partner

• Alternate who leads and follows in your relationship 

• Repair past hurts and learn the perfect apology script 

• Setting weekly, monthly, and yearly dates --> intentional quality time!

• Hear all the strengths and appreciations your partner has for you

• Recommitment and vow ceremony
Jourdan Virginia
Ladies, Learn How To Get The Love You Desperately Desire
Have you ever wondered...

Why does my partner get so defensive when I bring up things I want to work on in our relationship?
Why does he shut down and avoid these deep conversations?
Why can't he just bring back the romance and show me that he really still loves me?
Why do I feel alone even while I'm in this relationship?

The answers to all of these questions WILL be answered at this Reboot weekend... AND the solutions will be given so you never have to ask again.

I guarantee it.

You deserve to feel loved, cherished, chosen, adored, romanced, and like you are truly teamed up with your ultimate life partner. 

By the end of this relationship experience, your partner will know EXACTLY how to love you, how to treat you respectfully, AND how to re-engage so you no longer feel alone.

The workshop will include topics like:
"Our Conflict Cycle"
"Why he shuts down"
"Finding the core problem"
"How does he really feel"
"Intentional date setting"
"Closing the exits for connection"
Weston Crafton
Men, Learn How To Get the Respect You Desperately Need
Men, have you ever thought:

My own partner doesn't even respect me.
In her eyes, I can get nothing right.
It feels like all she does is criticize me. 
Our sex life... What sex life?
I feel so misunderstood.
I doubt she's actually happy to be with me anymore...

Guys - I will seriously make sure that these concerns and thoughts are addressed during this Reboot weekend.

By the end of this experience,  your partner will know HOW to respect you, how to communicate her appreciations for all you do, how to listen and validate your opinion during a discussion, and how to really love you in the way you need.

The workshop will include topics like:
"Our Conflict Cycle"
"How to stop the criticism"
"Finding The Core Problem"
"Exact Tools for Repairs"
"How to get Respect"
"How to Ignite the Passion"
"What Do Others Have To Say?
"You see therapy in movies and on TV shows I can assure you this is nothing like that. Jourdan has been more than therapy for me but a mentor. In only 10 sessions I have learned more about myself and my partner then I could have ever learned alone. Not just that but a better understanding of how to deal with relationships has allowed me to thrive in my business as well. This has literally been one of the best learning experiences of my life, and I believe wholeheartedly that absolutely anyone can benefit from the knowledge that this amazing woman has to offer!!! I cannot personally thank you enough!"

-Male, Couples' Therapy
"Jourdan is amazing. Going to therapy is almost like a date for us and it’s definitely something we look forward to and are excited about every week. It’s so productive and we have seen such a huge change in our relationship. She helps you uncover what’s REALLY going on while helping you problem solve as well. She sends you home with easy, doable action steps and things to read and do together. She’s also more available and flexible than other therapists I’ve worked with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

-Female, Couples' Therapy
"I’ve always wanted to explore couples therapy, but never could I have expected the growth and type of results that I’ve seen in Jourdan’s sessions. She is an extraordinary therapist, but above that an amazing well-rounded person who creates a safe environment. Her tools and resources seem to be and less, and I’m always amazed at how much resolution comes from each session. I’ve had other therapy in the past and never had anywhere near this amount of forward movement, solutions, productivity and growth. I’m learning more about myself than I expected, while simultaneously establishing a stronger relationship with my partner I had a great feeling about her during the initial consultation, but all my expectations have been exceeded in the session so far, of which we have had about 10. There have been sessions where we have gone in high conflict, and come out overflowing in passion. Leaving her sessions can completely change the course of action for our day and for that we are grateful. She truly has a gift and I/we are very grateful for her!"

-Male, Couples' Therapy
Relationship Reboot 2019 Event FAQ's...
What Are The Dates For Relationship Reboot? 
Saturday September 21st and Sunday September 22nd
Where Is The Venue For The Event? 
The Relationship Reboot is held at "The Lodge" in Franklin, TN (about 20 minutes south of Nashville). It is close to the gorgeous downtown Franklin, Arlington Vineyard, and Nashville. We highly recommend you make this a total getaway weekend and stay/explore in Franklin or Nashville!
Can Anyone Attend This Event? 
Anyone in a relationship can attend this event! If you're married, great! If you're engaged, great! If you're in a committed partnership, great! 

If you are from our LGBT-Q community, we also warmly invite you to attend! We have worked with those in the LGBT-Q groups and have seen the same huge breakthroughs/shifts! We would absolutely love to have you attend the RelationshipReboot weekend!

However, if your relationship includes: active domestic violence, an active affair that has not ended, or an active addiction --> We kindly ask that you recognize this issue as a prioritized need that has to be addressed first prior to attending a couples' workshop like this one. We want to ensure that you are safe. If you need a referral or resource for domestic violence care, affair work, or addiction therapy, please email us and we will send it your way. Once that area has been healed/overcome, we then would invite you to attend a future workshop.
How long does the workshop last each day? 
And, what format will be used for teaching?
The workshop goes from 8:30am-6:30pm both Saturday and Sunday. We will release for lunch every day and encourage you to take a date night for yourselves on Saturday evening if that is possible!

We will NOT just be sitting and staring at slide shows all weekend - this is NOT that kind of workshop ;) 

This RelationshipReboot will be a blend of learning some huge "ah ha" moments, teaching, hearing from other couples, activities between you and your partner (some that evoke lots of laughter, some that evoke vulnerability, some that evoke a deeper understanding, and some that provide the breakthrough you've needed), watching movie clips that display what you've been experiencing, and being surrounded by others that are exactly where you are.

We believe in helping couples learn using a variety of styles, and we like to be anything but boring. 
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
We are not offering refunds or the transfer of tickets. 
What Do I Need To Bring?
You and your partner - that's the most important!

If you'd like to bring your own pens or snacks, feel free! However, everything will truly be provided! We will have coffee, beverage, snacks, and plenty of pens!
What Should I Wear?
Something comfortable! 
Any Other Questions?
Email Jourdan at
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